The Story – 7 Startup Lessons

The Story

Hi Friend,
As I read the story, it occurred to me that there were valuable lessons to be learnt from this extremely success business with humble beginnings.

The Facebook story is one of those businesses that evolved simply because someone chose to do what they loved! Here we are 14 years later and the lives of 2 billion users are changed because of a series of codes that became the number one social interactive platform. I can tell you for sure that the application of the 7 lessons outlined in this 12 minute video will radically change your startup business too.

They are:

  • Startup Lesson 1: Do What You Love!
  • Startup Lesson 2: Recognise Small Gains!
  • Startup Lesson 3: Build A Team!
  • Startup Lesson 4: Build A Niche!
  • Startup Lesson 5: Raise Money In Stages!
  • Startup Lesson 6: Get Someone External!
  • Startup Lesson 7: Keep Your Dream!

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